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"Blue Collar Love"

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I moved Apr. 5th, 2006 @ 09:32 pm
So everyone I am living in a new place in Hasbrouck Heights NJ its good there living is ok its closer to work and just flat out nice i love it it is over top of a business right on the main street of town. its so nice. I love it there. anyway I am planing on kinda turning this into a photo journal once i get the internet at my place like it will have words and stuff but it will always be accompnied by pictures from my day. ok well i gotta go the comercials during lost is over.

Mar. 13th, 2006 @ 08:36 am
so it has been a while for me on this thing. current news in my life is that I am offially engaged (ring and all) second news is that I am in a pretty extensive search for an apartment a 3 bedroom apartment. and after driving through the heart of Paterson I have decided Paterson is out of the question and that also means any cheap aprtments are out of the question. and my room mates for this apartment are me Alex and Pink. so that should prove to be fun I geuss. yup so thats about it. maybe ill write later but right now i want to play video games and them maybe shower or something.

Feb. 3rd, 2006 @ 01:34 pm
ok So remember the first time you saw Jurrasic Park in the theatres. wasnt it so magical to see every childs dream a real live dinosaur. I mean I am watching it right now and it isnt as magical but god it is amazing for when that movie was released back in 93. hoy shit I mean 93!!!!!!!!!!!! the effects in this movie are still better looking then half of the movies out their now over 10 years later. God damn that scene when fucking Dr. Grant see's the brontausurus right over him I remember being a kid and just sitting in the theatre mesmorized like HOLY SHIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Man i love this movie. to bad the other 2 suck so much.

ANd these damn movies from netflix better show their asses up today or I am going to be pissed cause I am just sitting here waiting for them.

and no mice yet.
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mouse traps are fun Feb. 2nd, 2006 @ 10:41 am
So lately there have been mice in my room. I hear them scurrying around at night. So I am going to know be logging in about the mice i catch in this snazzy new mouse trap that I bought. The mouse trap is one of those ones that the mice can live in so it should be awesome. some pictures of my mouse trap are in the cut.

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flowers for Algernon Jan. 26th, 2006 @ 12:55 am
I just got done reading a book that reminded me alot about how people try (me included) to change our personalities to please others or to become better people. But it is funny how no matter how hard we try to change we never really achieve the goal of loosing our oldselves behind. We are always there haunting who we have become and and showing us that who we may try to be is not the real us.

Anyway its 1 in the morning I would be sleepy but the book ended in a total cry fest of me sobbing quietly alone in my bed for a good half hour. and I am physically wasted from the crying so hard but mentally my mind is so alive trying t find reasons for why I am who I am.

I also find myself getting so caught up in fictional charecters that i beg and desire for them to be real Like Alice Kinnian I need ot huig her i need to hold her I want her to know that she is not alone I want her to know everything is all right I need to smile at her and talk to her until she smiles back. I need to visit Algernons grave and lay down my own flowers. (shit I'm starting to cry again) I need to visit the mouse that gave a man all that he had ever desired and more.

Anyway the Book was "Flowers for Algernon" and it was magnificent and i need ot read a comic book to cheer me up some.
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» happy fuckin new year
So happy new year everyone. And to start off this year I got canned at work. YAY!!!!!!! fuckin fired. so happy new year to me I have no job no health insurance and no money. I am going tommorow ot see about collecting uneployment. Then I will be off and looking for jobs. this should be wonderful. SAo if anyone knows any real nice jobs please let me know cause I am interested.
» (No Subject)
It seems like life is on a wild ride for me on a roller coaster that is completely flat with no bumps and no fun just straight flat and fast. I really dont know what else ot say about life Time is flying I have no ambition to start a career in anything But i cant stand my job.

I miss the year or more where I spent every day with Lauren. Theresa, Mal, Kaley, and Ellen. those where awesome days and some of the best i have had in my life. I wish I had friends around here I wish that there was someones door that i could knock on and know that good times are waiting just inside of them. that in that house I can smile and be happy. I dont have that right now and it saddens me. I need to move somewhere were I can sit in traffic and where there are dinners open at 3 AM and where I dont have to worry about hitting dears or really bad snow.

Anyway LIfe is a drag and if it werent for a few things I wouldn't really see the point of it. Ok I'm goin to bed. night everyone.
» fuckin survey
well it seems like now a days the only stuff you get out of me on my myspace is freakin surveys. so one more than I promise a real update on life type stuff in the week.

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» (No Subject)
I am so tired but my body wont let me sleep and I dont know why. So I am doing this 50 question quiz and I need to have it done by the end of this song I am listening to or else.

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» (No Subject)
ok well I heard this awesome thing in a documentary I watched. The documentary was on proms but there was this one kid in it who started going off about his church and how he believes god will come back in his life time and spend a millenium with us and how they believe when god comes back he will reside in whatever the fuck midwest state this kid lives in and shit and this little hicksville town will become the new jeruselum (definetly spelled that wrong) anyway this church is so crazy that they already put in corner stones for the temple that god is going to build. this is some crazy shit. I did a survey too.
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